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Clearing the way!

Clearing for Property Owners, Farmers, Oil & Gas locations and Pipe line right-of-ways

If you are looking to get your property, farm or location cleared so that you have more useful space, let us help you. If you would like to gain a larger profit for land resale or home equity, we can help. We clear out the overgrown brush and non-marketable timber. Need an area cleared for cattle to have more pasture field, we will get it in the shape you need on time and on budget. If you are a business looking for a great contractor to keep roads, locations or main lines clear we will keep them cleared for your employees safe and easy access.

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Site Prep

Getting land ready for your use is one of our specialties. We can get you ready for whatever project you have in mind. 

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About Our Company

We are a family owned and operated and take great pride in our high quality work. We strive to offer a environment that is safe for employees and enjoyable. For 25 years we have worked in this field and decided we would put our experience into action and start our own business as 5J Services. We are very humbled and feel blessed by God to be where we are today. 


Year of Establishment

Amanda "Mandy" Jones

Member - Financial & Administrative Manager

Jeremy Jones

Member - President & Operations Manager

Ashtin Gum

Contractor - Certification Specialist & Administrative Assistant

Our Clients

 We appreciate every opportunity to serve new Clients and value every friendship we have made along our journey. We believe each new client will be a long term partnership.

Mailing Address

260 Ridgeview Hill Rd

Jane Lew, WV 26378

304-203-8974 (office)

304-203-8975 (Projects)


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 304-203-8974

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